Hello, we are were The Product, a berlin-based studio for spatial and media-related design.

We conceived design concepts. We created installations. We animated surfaces. We designed spaces.
We developed objects. And we extensively thought about the application and combination of technologies
in meaningful ways. Discontinued in 2012.

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Game Milestones

The interactive installation „Game Milestones“ is located in the new permanent exhibition of the Computer Game Museum Berlin. A wall of cubes („pixels“) displays the most influential computer games in history, in chronological order.

The user can access more detailed information and an in-game video by steering a light cursor towards the pixel, using a joystick. The information and video are then displayed on two monitors which are integrated in the exhibition architecture.

The glowing cursor, the archetypical selection tool, as a manifestation of the digital in the physical world is a commentary on the current trend to augmented reality, a technique which is more and more being used also in mobile gaming. This makes the installation itself an announcement of the next milestone.

Commissioned by

Schiel Projektgesellschaft

The installation was created using openFrameworks for video playback and text rendering as well as creativecomputing.cc for joystick input and DMX control.







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